Available February 20th, 2018.

About the game

Fuse Balls was created with inspirations of minimalistic art design. Circles of various colors fall towards a center gravitational force creating smooth transitions and requiring color matching to fuse circles. The fun part about the game is how gravity reacts to circles, the circle gravity movements, music, and sound effects help with proving an unique game experience from a very basic match 3 game concept that can challenge the basic or advance player.


  • Free to play.
  • Endless gameplay.
  • Very fun power-ups.
  • Simple swipe controls.
  • Beautiful minimalist art.
  • Localized in English, Spanish.
  • Beautiful graphic design.
  • Unique and relaxing music.
  • Fluid menu animations.
  • Challenge your friends with the best high score.
  • Social sharing integration.

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A collection of screenshots taken during Fuse Balls Game development. Notice that screenshots may differ from final game release.

Screenshot 1

Level Prototype 1 beautiful architecture.

Screenshot 2

Level Prototype 2 multiple cubes.

Screenshot 3

Level Prototype 3 different level design.

Screenshot 4

Level Prototype 4 with going around.

Screenshot 5

Level Prototype 4 a challenge to solve.

Screenshot 6

Level Prototype 4 simple tall architecture.

Screenshot 7

Level Prototype 4 simple maze.

Screenshot 8

Level Prototype 4 interesting shape.

Screenshot 9

Level Prototype 4 walls and portals.


Fuse Balls Game Contributors

Dilmer Valecillos

Project Lead / Game Designer

Jake Fletcher

Game Programmer

Social Media